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The primary role of Archway Design Services Ltd is to provide an affordable architectural design service. We do this for both private and commercial clients. For Residential/Private Clients our role is to submit applications to Local Authorities for Planning and Building Regulation consent. We start the process with a free consultation where you provide us with a brief of your requirements. From this brief we will advise you on which approvals you will require and if we foresee any issues that may arise during the approvals process, we will also advise if you require the services of a Structural Engineer or a Party Wall Surveyor or other specialist designers. We will then provide you with a written quotation outlining what the quotation covers and the extent of our instruction, which is normally just to obtain your Local Authority consents. We do not get involved in selecting or recommending contractors because as we work for many contractors directly we do not want to put ourselves in a position where we could have a conflict of interest. We can however advise on how to set up an agreement with your selected contractor to help reduce any problems that often occur between Client and Contractor. For Commercial Clients we can provide exactly as for our Residential/Private Clients but can also offer CAD/technician services on a contract basis. These range from very short term contracts to cover unexpected absence of staff to longer contracts of 3 months or more to cover a sudden increase in work load. We can provide this service with either an in house service or we can work from our own well equipped office. Our rates are very competitive and can be hourly, daily, weekly or a fixed fee, please contact us for details.