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Most residential projects are unique, however we have listed below some examples of our fees for typical works. We do include for minor structural calculations in our fees but some projects may require the services of a Chartered Structural Engineer, we will advise you at the time of quoting if this is likely to be the case. Council fees are excluded from our fees and are payable direct to the council by the Client. A common project is the removal of a wall between two rooms. This normally only involves Building Control unless the building is listed. Our Fee would be approximately £200 subject to the complexity and size of the opening and if structural calculations are necessary. A rear extension is one of the most popular extensions to your home. Some will require just Building Control approval others will require Planning. For Building Control our fees average £500 or if planning is required then our fees average £750 subject to survey and complexity of the project. We offer a free enquiry service where we will visit you at the project location and advise as to the consents you require and provide you with a quotation for our fees.



Our commercial fees depend on the work required. Below are some examples of our commercial rates We have three basic rates, starting with a Junior Technician at £22.00 per hour, a Senior Technician at £27.50 per hour and a job Runner at £30.00 per hour, traveling expenses will depend upon location. We also offer a measured survey service where our rates are £19.00 per hour plus traveling expenses. Please feel free to contact us should you have any specific requirements.